Come as guest, return as friend

Safety and top quality
All houses are personally inspected, and good hosts selected, in order to guarantee high quality accommodation and the best household to each guest.
Full Service – All the way with you
The Istrialux team is at the disposal of all its guests from the first contact with us, when planning a trip, and we are at your disposal for the entire stay in the destination. You started the journey with us, and we are at your service all the way.
Discover the destination
The selected team of experts is at your service with only one goal and that is your unforgettable vacation. With us you will be able to discover the hidden gems of the destination at the best prices that we have provided together with our partners.
5% discount on re-arrival
All our guests get a 5% discount for each future reservation,for any object in our portfolio in accordance with our slogan, come as a guest, return as a friend.

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