ISTRIALUX is a travel agency (hereinafter: ISTRIALUX) owned by ISTRIA LUX d.o.o. specialized in brokering the rental of private holiday homes with swimming pools. ISTRIALUX concludes intermediation agreements in the provision of accommodation services directly with property owners in order to provide its guests with service at the highest possible level. All advertised villas are under contract with ISTRIALUX and all have licenses issued by the competent state authorities.


The lease agreement you enter into with ISTRIALUX as an intermediary is concluded by you as a lessee (hereinafter: guest) with the owner of the villa-holiday home (hereinafter: villa) as the lessor (hereinafter: the owner). ISTRIALUX acts solely as an intermediary and will only be responsible as an intermediary.

By paying the advance for the reservation of the selected villa at the desired time, you unconditionally agree to these General Terms and Conditions, which will be published on the ISTRIALUX website: and effective on the day of publication. After ISTRIALUX receives the advance payment for the reservation, it will send the guest a written confirmation of the villa’s reservation (hereinafter: confirmation). A written confirmation of the reservation with these General Terms and Conditions constitutes a Lease Agreement between the guest as the lessee and the owner as lessor. On the day of booking the villa, the guest must have at least 21 years of life.


The earliest arrival is at 16:00 on the day of arrival. The most recent departure is at 10:00 a.m. on the departure date. Early arrival and subsequent departure will not be possible.

1.1.Guest check-in

Under the law of the Republic of Croatia, the guest undertakes to provide the owner/host of the villa with a valid identity document, which contains personal data and which will be used for the purpose of registration with the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ). This information will not be used for other purposes. A guest who will not provide any type of valid identity document for a legally binding guest registration may be denied access to the villa, without the possibility of refunding the paid rental amount for the same.


2.1.Number of guests

At any time, the villa can mostly accommodate the number of people indicated on the villa’s website.

If more people than the maximum number are staying in the villa or on the property of the villa without the owner’s permission, the owner and/or ISTRIALUX reserve the right to terminate the Lease Agreement effective immediately, without notice, and the guests are obliged to leave the villa permanently within 2 (two) hours. Refunds for unused villa rental times will not be possible.


In the event that guests disturb public order and peace with noise and noise and do not quiet down even after warning, the same may be considered a serious violation of the provisions of the rental contract in which the owner and/or ISTRIALUX are authorized to terminate the rental agreement effective immediately, without notice, and the guest undertakes to leave the villa permanently within 2 (two) hours with all persons staying there and has no right to ask the owner or ISTRIALUX agency for a refund of the amount of paid accommodation.


Guests can only have pets in those Villas where the website advertises that they are allowed.

In no case should the pet enter the pool and must not stay on furniture (bed or sitting/lying furniture) 2.4. Pool

For his own safety, the guest is obliged to listen to the instructions of any kind communicated to him by the owner or ISTRIALUX, relating to the use of the pool. The guest is responsible for using the pool in any sense. Children must be under constant supervision by adults in the pool area. The guest uses the pool at their own risk.

If accommodation is booked outside the summer season, there is a possibility that the pool will not be able to be used. Please note that the use of hydromassage pools/tubs is associated with certain health risks and you use them at your own risk. There is a possibility that the water in the hydromassage pools on the day of arrival of the guest will not be warm until later evening hours. It is forbidden to stand on the lids of hydromassage pools/tub. In the event that the lid breaks, the guest undertakes to compensate the owner directly.


The reservation is binding and when booking the advance payment is required in the amount of 30% of the agreed price of the accommodation after which the reservation is confirmed, a contract with the owner is concluded and these General Terms and Conditions, which are an integral part of the Rental Agreement of the villa, are accepted. After completing the booking and payment process, ISTRIALUX will send a written confirmation of the reservation via e-mail.

The lease agreement is considered to have been concluded at the moment when ISTRIALUX receives the paid advance amount. In the event that the payment is not made within 5 (five) days from the day of booking, the Lease Agreement is deemed terminated.

Payment of the advance is possible by bank transfer and the rest of the 70% of the reservation amount, or by bank transfer 30 days before arrival, or directly upon arrival to the owner (where such a possibility is allowed).


If the guest cancels the reservation, he/she loses the right to a refund of the previously paid amount. ISTRIALUX retains all payments received, and the guest is not entitled to a refund.

In the event that the guest cancels the Lease Agreement and manages to find another guest who would have accessed the villa’s lease instead, all previous payments are considered to be payments made by the other guest, and the Lease Agreement is concluded with the other guest, at no additional cost.


The guest is obliged to act responsibly towards the villa he has rented. In case of any damage caused by the guest, he is obliged to report and pay/compensate the owner directly.

If the guest notices any damage or defects on the villa, or cleaning, he is obliged to immediately, and no later than 24 hours, make a complaint. The complaint shall be referred directly to the owner or his authorised representative.

ISTRIALUX is not responsible for the condition of the villa, but is the responsibility of the owner for deviations from the condition of the villa compared to the one that was published on the website. 


6.1. ISTRIALUX transmits all information about villas through the website and strives to provide as accurate and up-to-air information as possible that it collects from the owner of the villa. Sole responsibility for providing accurate and complete information about the villa is up to the owner and ISTRIALUX cannot be held liable in case of inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect information.

6.2 In case of doubt as to the interpretation of individual terms in the translated version into other languages of these General Terms and Conditions, the original version in Croatian is taken as the relevant version.

6.3 The Contracting Parties will endeavour to resolve any possible disputes by mutual agreement and by mutual agreement. In the event of any dispute, the territorial jurisdiction of the competent court in Pula and the application of Croatian law are agreed.